Sep 19, 2018

Edelweiss to start flying to Buenos Aires

The Swiss airline Edelweiss will start flying to Argentina in November, and their chairman visited the country and said that they have the potential to bring around 26.000 Swiss tourists by year.
At this particular moment flying to Argentina is a good opportunity, the Peso is very weak against the US dollar and the Euro, so it is much cheaper and it results very attractively to visit the country.

Edelweiss will use Airbus A340-300 that will do the flight from .... to Buenos Aires ib 14 hours, the plane that has 314 seats, wich 211 are Economy Class, 76 Economy Max and 27Business Class with Fully Lie-Flat seats.

This shows that Argentina is an attractive destination and the number of airlines flying to the country will probably increase giving tourists from all continents different alternatives to reach the country.

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