Jun 22, 2018

The Best Places To Golf In Argentina

For fans of professional golf, it’s an exciting time of year. The U.S. Open just wrapped up after providing a thrilling four days of entertainment. From tricky conditions, to a bizarre stunt by Phil Mickelson, to a repeat victory for Brooks Koepka, it was just the sort of tournament that could get golf fans excited for the remaining months of the PGA Tour in 2018.

Still to come are some of the most entertaining tournaments on the calendar. The Open Championship will be held in Scotland in late July, representing what some see as the most challenging of the majors, year in and year out. The PGA Championship follows less than a month later, and will be held in St. Louis in the United States. The TOUR Championship in Georgia will take place in the middle of September, and always brings out the best in the top players. And this year, golf fans get a special treat in the form of the Ryder Cup in France. Held just every two years, this is a fun international competition where the players compete for pride and supporters tend to be much more vocal than at other traditional tournaments. All in all it’s a very appealing lineup of tournaments.

But come the end of September the PGA Tour will be done for the year, and all of this fascinating and enjoyable spectator activity will have golf fans around the world wanting to work on their games - just as it’s beginning to get cold where much of the golf world lives. It’s for this reason that we’d suggest taking a look at a southern hemisphere destination like Argentina, where you can take your passion from the professional golf season and apply it to your own game in warm weather. If this sort of golf vacation appeals to you, the following are some of the best and most beautiful golf courses around Argentina.


Probably the most famous course in the country, Olivos has been listed among the top 100 golf courses on Earth, and has hosted numerous professional events. It was designed in part by one Luther Koontz, who used to work with the Augusta National architect, which is why some have referred to the course as the Augusta of South America. Naturally with this kind of pedigree it’s a little less accessible than some other options. But if you can secure a tee time, it’s a gorgeous place to work on your game.

Buenos Aires Golf Club

This is another course that’s commonly placed among the best in Argentina, and it’s nice to see such an impressive club in Buenos Aires. Tiger Woods has actually won on this course before, which should give you an idea of its general level of prestige. Ultimately it’s a beautiful place to play, with low green hills, several bodies of water, and an idyllic clubhouse.

El Desafio

If you’re looking for something a little bit different that perhaps takes more advantage of the Argentine country, look no further than El Desafio. This is a mountain resort in the Patagonia region of Argentina, and was actually designed by Greg Norman. Despite that, it doesn’t have the feel of a typical U.S. or European course, but rather makes terrific use of its surroundings, with massive, sloping fairways and stunning mountainous backdrops. It may ultimately be the most authentically Argentine course.

Mar del Plata

Said to be similar to some of the famous Scottish courses (which are known for both quality and difficulty), this is a gorgeous course on the Atlantic coast of Argentina. It might be the most challenging course on this list, but it’s also an interesting one to see, different than you might expect in this region, and excellent for testing your ability in a relaxing setting. The Mar del Plata course is also home to the South Open, which means it has hosted some of the world’s top golfers.

The list could go on and on, as there are actually dozens of terrific courses around Argentina. Some of the ones that aren’t quite as well-known as the four mentioned above may ultimately be easier (and cheaper) to play at. But if you can secure a tee time at any of these courses you’ll be in for some excellent late- or early-year golfing, perhaps scratching that itch from the July-September tournaments!

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