Mar 9, 2018

Latam Airlines to cancel routes to San Juan and Bahia Blanca

LV-BSJ Airbus A.320 LAN (8164091796)

Latam Airlines has informed this week that they are cancelling definitively routes to the cities of San Juan and Bahia Blanca.
This decision,(it is the first time that the airline cancels routes since it started to operate in Argentina in 2005) was made by the airlines due to the increasing operating costs to those two cities.
According to the company, the earning to those two cities grew up about 7,6%, but the costs grew 35%, which makes it  difficult to continue flying to those destinations.
The increasing competition in the domestic flights is another factor that has  made the bigger airlines to study more specifically which routes are more economically beneficial.
In the case of Bahia Blanca, the new low cost airline, Flybondy started to fly at the beginning of the year, and sure some new airlines like Avianca and Nowregian will do the same during the year.
San Juan remains only with flight from Aerolineas Argentinas, but it could possible start receiving flights from low cost airlines too.

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