Feb 13, 2018

New Airport in Buenos Aires for low cost airlines

Recently Buenos Aires added a new airport especifically for low cost  airlines, the new airport is located in El Palomar, about 25km from the city center.

The airport was an old  airforce airport that has been adapted to receive low cost airlines flights, at the moment 5 million dollars (of a total plan of 80 million) have been invested to adapt the airport for comercial flights.

The only airline using the airport up to now is the lowcost airline Flybondi, that had their first flight from El Palomar to Cordoba city on February 9th, but other airlines will start to use the airport during the year.

According to national authorities this airport will help  to bring costs down and is part of the plan to grow the number of people flying in Argentina. Also the plan includes to increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Argentina, a plan that wants to take the number from 6,6 million tourists last year to 9 million by 2020.

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