Aug 16, 2012

Exotic Places of Argentina - Part 2

Continuing with the article Exotic Places of Argentina, in this second part I will show three diferent cities, Rio Turbio, in the province of , Presidencia Roque Saenz Peña, in the province of Chaco, and Bella Vista in the province of Corrientes.

National Coal Capital - Rio Turbio (Province of Santa Cruz)

Rio Turbio is known as the Argentinian coal capital, it is a city situated in one of the remotests corners of Argentina. Its population (6650) is mostly made by workers employed in the coal field, activity that started in the 1940's.

Among the activities you can do in Rio Turbio there is the Don Anatol Kowaljow Museum, created in 1978 as a training center for workers in the coal mine, and then revalued as a museum to contain within it a wealth of tools and files that show the development of Rio Turbio's coal activity.

It can be seen working machinery, photographs, archives, video projections and various other objects that shows visitors to how to perform the extraction, processing and transportation of coal. Guided tours are conducted by staff from the company YCRT.

Rio Turbio also has a modest winter sports center, called Valdelen, the season runs from late April to September and offers lodging, catering, babysitting service, instructors, equipment rentals, lifts, snowboarding, and sledding.

National Capital of the Orange - Bella Vista (Province of Corrientes)

Bella Vista (population: 25393) is one of the largest citrus production centers in the country with various juice bottling plants, motor of its economy. In addition, annually hosts the celebration of the Provincial Party of Orange.

Located near the Parana River, Bella Vista offers beaches, water sports, river fishing and the local Carnaval during the months of January and February.

National Capital of the Cotton - Presidencia Roque Saenz Peña (Province of Chaco)

Located in the province of Chaco, in the north of Argentina, Presidencia Roque Saenz Peña has a population of 76300.

The main economic activity in Saenz Peña is agriculture where it stands up the Cotton. Among the attractions that the city has, you can find Thermal baths, one of the most important Thermal centers in the north of Argentina, you can also find the city Zoo and Museums.

Sáenz Peña's Cathedral
Banco Nación and main road in Sáenz Peña
City center
Path in Saenz Peña's Zoo
City Zoo


  1. I will be going to Entre Ríos by early next year, is this easy to come to Saenz Peña? I would like to visit this place during the stay:)


    1. Hi Simon, Entre Rios is not very near Saenz Peña, I guess that the only way to go from any city in Entre Rios to Saenz Peña is by bus.

  2. Hi Miguel,
    thanks for the information:)


  3. Great article. Definitely going to visit some of these location next year.


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