Dec 17, 2012

10 Reasons to Visit Argentina

The approximately 4.6 million people who visited Argentina in 2007 must know something that the rest of the world is missing out on. Argentina is far from the most popular tourist destination in the world and yet offers travellers a unique experience. A quick investigation of the country reveals a wealth of reasons to visit this beautiful country.

1. Tango

Tango BuenosAires
Few nations can legitimately lay claim to being the birthplace for an entire genre of music. Argentina can. Tango is the national music of Argentina and differs from some other music in that its accompanying dance is just as important as the instruments. Tango displays Spanish roots with a specifically Argentine flair.

2. Wine

Argentine wine is world famous and supports the 5th largest wine industry in the world. Most Argentine wine regions lie in the northwest of the country and there are more than a few businesses that operate wine tours to show of the amazing wines of the country.

3. Steak

This list is looking pretty attractive so far. Music, wine, and food? Great reasons to visit Argentina. The cuisine of Argentina is centered around its agrarian roots with asado(Argentine barbecue) at the center of Argentine food culture. Argentine steak is known around the world and sends travelers home with their mouths still watering.

4. Patagonia

Travelling south, Patagonia is the last land in South America before the Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego. Straddling Argentina and Chile, this region is home to one of the most magical landscapes on Earth with broad plains, tiered steppes, protruding peaks, and massive lakes. Due to the chilly climate and frequent high winds, Patagonia receives less visitors than other parts of the country and is more sparsely populated. From climbing mountains to fly fishing, outdoor lovers will find no shortage of activities here.

5. Buenos Aires

Faena Hotel+Universe Buenos Aires
The capital of Argentina is considered by some to be the Paris of South America and it’s easy to see why. As the cultural center of Argentina, it boasts a vibrant music and theatre scene as well as numerous museums. This is one of the best places to check out Argentine cuisine and learn to tango. You could even catch a football(soccer, for Americans) game while you’re there.

6. Tierra del Fuego

Only a small part of this archipelago to the south of the Strait of Magellan is in Argentina but is worth including in this list anyway. Tierra del Fuego (the Land of Fire in Spanish) is home to some truly breathtaking country. Far from the comforts of major cities, it takes a hearty traveller to make the trip here. It’s not too far from Antarctica either. The price for a trip to Antarctica is no small ticket, perhaps suited to a recent winner of the Euromillions lottery.

7. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu-Wasserfaelle 01
Perched on the border between Brazil and Argentina lie some of the largest waterfalls in the world, comparable to Niagara Falls in the US or Victoria Falls in Africa. The collection of waterfalls makes a 2,700 meter semicircle and is 80 meters tall at it’s tallest.

8. Los Glaciares National Park

This national park showcases the largest ice cap in the world aside from those of Greenland and Antarctica, with 47 glaciers spilling forth towards both the Pacific Ocean in Chile and the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Argentina. The park was created in 1937 and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981. In addition to the glaciers that are fed by steady maritime currents, the park is home to striking granite peaks that seem to defy the laws of nature.

9. Endless Winter?

North American visitors that can’t get enough of snow and cold can find a way to never experience the warmth of summer by visiting Argentina during it’s winter, between June and September. A handful of ski resorts operate on the east slope of the Andes and offer some of the finest skiing in the Southern Hemisphere.

10. Penguins

Who doesn’t love penguins? These flightless wonders can be seen en mass in select locations in the south of Argentina. Penguins, along with a huge variety of wildlife, can be seen on tours in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

Of course, a large nation with such a rich heritage has much more to offer than this short list can convey. If you want to see a jewel of South America, Argentina is waiting to reveal itself to you.

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