Sep 21, 2011

Argentina, the most popular tourist destination in South America

Buenos Aires
Argentina has become the most popular tourist destination in South America, with growth of tourists, the country has become the first South American destination.

For many years, the Argentine government has made efforts to make Argentina an important tourist destination, and this work is now reflected in the 5.3 million visitors that Argentina had last year. Argentina had a growth of three times the world growth in the Tourist sector and outperformed the emerging markets, to rank as the first South American destination, and the forth in the Americas. But the good news are that recently the Government launched the Tourism Strategic Plan 2020, to continue with this great job that make Argentina an important tourism destination, and that can let more and more people know about the great places that Argentina has to show.
Beagle Channel Glacier
During the ceremony of the launching of the Tourism Strategic Plan 2020, the officials explained that last year Argentina received "5.3 million foreign tourists, representing a cumulative growth of 78 percent since 2003, and an income in 2010 of 4,800 million dollars." Comparing to Brazil that received last year to 5.2 million foreign tourists, according to the website of its Ministry of Tourism. The officials estimated that by 2020 "some eight million foreigners" would visit Argentina.

Iguazu Falls
 In addition to its varied geography, Argentina has exploded in recent years theme tourism, like the tango and gay tourism.
Ischigualasto National Park
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  1. South America has a lot of great destinations to offer and I agree that Argentina has it all. It's gifted indeed.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Hope you can visit Argentina soon.


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