Aug 18, 2011

Historic Tramway in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires grew at the side of the tramway tracks, like most Argentine cities. Many neighborhoods were formed thanks to its services, and although in 1962 they were removed from the streets of Buenos Aires, Countless memories and stories still persists in its users then.

From November 15, 1980 opens the "HISTORIC TRAMWAY OF BUENOS AIRES", thanks to the Asociacion Amigos del Tranvia, a group that brings together those who share the enthusiasm for this form of transport.

All weekends and holidays, the Historic Tramway travels the neighborhood of Caballito being free to all who wish to take a ride.

Trams leaves every 15 minutes from the only stop on the line, located in Emilio Mitre 500 (E. Mitre between Directorio Avenue and Jose Bonifacio Avenue) and travel a road circuit of 2 km along the street Emilio Mitre , Rivadavia Avenue Hortiguera street and Directorio Avenue.

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