Nov 2, 2008

Sights, mountains and chocolates in Villa la Angostura

The province of Neuquen, in the South West part of Argentina, is part of the Patagonia, This province has been blessed with lots of beautiful places.
Villa La Angostura is a beautiful place situated in the southern most of the province of Neuquen. Located on a beautiful mountain setting on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, the city is within the "Nahuel Huapi National Park".

Visiting Villa La Angostura can be a very nice experience, the town offers some characteristics that many people search when travelling and going on holidays, such as breathtaking views, beautiful hotels and cabins to enjoy the quietness of the Andes, lakes, forests and hills to walk in a beautiful environment and fantastic restaurants to enjoy the food of the region.

Very close to Villa La Angostura is the "Los Arrayanes National Park", a place to be recommended to know for its spectacular forest of Arrayanes trees. The Park covers an area of 17.53 square kilometers, and has a forest of Arrayanes trees that are 300 years old, and some of the trees are over 600 years old. It can be reached from different points of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, but it is very near Villa La Angostura, only 12 kilometers through a path that has ups and downs, but it is beautiful to walk, or to do mountain bike.

Villa La Angostura is surrounded by lakes and forests which make it an attractive location visited by tourists.

But also the architecture of the village is attractive, a stylized Alpine wooden architecture, similar to that of Bariloche´s city center, makes Villa La Angostura a very beautiful place to visit and stay. Shops with artisanal products and restaurants and tea houses that offer chocolates, beer and trout from the zone are a great way to enjoy the village.
Villa La Angostura is categorized as a mountain village, and has a population of approximately 11,000 people.

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