Nov 6, 2008


The city of Parana in the Entre Rios province, is a vibrant city center that hosts over 350,000 inhabitants.
The Paraná river, is very important in the life of Paraná, and is one of the greatest water courses in South America, and as such falls and contains the city, offering one of the most characteristic and beautiful postcards.
Parana is displayed on its streets and steep hills, that are generously decorated with trees. The old buildings, contrast harmoniously with modern residential buildings, offering an eclectic mix of architectural styles.
Among its atractions and activities that can be made in Parana you can find Golf, Fishing, Casinos, the Parana river and its beaches and during January and February the Carnavales.


  1. Life of Argentina is always magic to me. But we are still waiting for direct airline to Argentina.

  2. Hi, Thanks for the comment, hope you can visit Argentina some time, there are many beatifull places to see.

  3. Mm..what a beautiful place. Hope that one day I can visit u there.anyway, care 2 xchange link with my North Sulawesi blog? I've added ur link in my blog.Thx


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