Apr 6, 2018

American Airlines adding new routes to Argentina

Good news for the tourism in Argentina, American Airlines is adding new routes, in December 2018 is connecting Buenos Aires with Los Angeles, and also they are adding a new route Cordoba-Miami.
This new routes will facilitate the connections between Argentina and the United States, but also will be good for people traveling to and from Asia, as California is a perfect connection to do this.
More and more airlines are looking to expand their operations to Argentina, which is good not only for tourism but also for business.
This year the national government is expecting that tourism to Argentina will be of 7  million tourists.

For the route Los Angeles-Buenos Aires there will be 3 weekly flights and will start in December of 2018, for the route Cordoba-Miami, the flights will start next year, in April 2019, and will have four weekly flights.

Los Angeles-Buenos Aires flight will be made with Boeing Dreamliner 787-9, and the route Cordoba-Miami will be made with Boeing 767-300.

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