Mar 29, 2010

Underground tunnels in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is full of Mysteries, one of them is the underground tunnels that connect the city, tunnels are from the Renaissance style, urban archeologists try to solve the mysteries hidden city.

Much has been said about the underground of the city of Buenos Aires. From hiding a network of tunnels where the Jesuits carried out bloody torture sessions or a network designed for smuggling and to allow the escape of any government of the day, to the enormous hidden treasure during the Viceroyalty ...The truth is that every so often, the floor of a square sink and uncovers strange underground constructions, and sometimes the same happens when an excavator opens up land for future skyscrapers. So it is clear that the Buenos Aires underground houses more than pipes, sewers or parking lots.

The small area where the tunnels are located on Peru street in the Manzana de las Luces was recently discovered in 1980 as they were covered with earth. Who, how and when covered them is unknown. Archeologists analyzed the walls and established that seniority refers to late 1600 or early 1700.

Manzana de las Luces Tunnels



  1. Argentina is a beautiful country but I would love to go to a boca v river game.

  2. Hi Lion, thanks for your comment, effectibly a Boca vs. River is a great experience to live, I will make an article on this subject next month.

  3. Oh wow - that is really interesting. I love the idea of secret and hidden treasures under the surface of the city!

  4. Thanks Emm, it is really amazing what they are finding underground Buenos Aires.

  5. Hi Miguel,
    Really great pics.. good they discovered it!!looks like being in some pyramid..

  6. hi Miguel,
    Any new finds or can you guide me to a place where I can find more information on this...this is really interesting. I am thinking of doing a cross study with Berlin's underground network.

  7. Hi AP, send me your email so I can send you some links with more information about this tunnels.


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