Jan 8, 2009

Great buildings of Buenos Aires: Palacio Barolo

The Palacio Barolo building is located in Avenida de Mayo 1370 in Buenos Aires, Italian Architect Mario Palanti built this palace at the request of the textile businessman Luis Barolo. This building has
the peculiarity of having been the tallest building in the city between 1923, when it was inaugurated, and 1935. In its tower it has a lighthouse with 300,000 candles in operational condition. Nowadays is an office building.

The building has many references to the Divine Comedy as its creator was an admirer of Dante Alighieri. The general division of the building follows the structure of the Divine Comedy, so that the palace has three parts, like the works of Dante: Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. Moreover, the structural division continues throughout an exact match and the lighthouse represents the "Nine Angelical Choirs" like in the play. The structure is 100 meters, the same number of songs that had the Divine Comedy and has 22 floors, like the stanzas of the verses of this work.


  1. Nice architecture! I love Buenos Aires. You found great pictures.

  2. Thanks for your comment, there are a lot great buildings in Buenos Aires that I´m going to show in future posts.

  3. I agree with Blog on Travel - great architecture, indeed! I'll stay tuned for your future posts. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Freeallcards for the comment! I will be posting soon.

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