Sep 23, 2008


Tigre is about 33km from the city of Buenos Aires. One of the biggest attractions in this city is the river station, site from which incessantly collective passenger boats(Lanchas Colectivas) that travel the Delta in all directions.
From the Paseo Victorica you can see the passage of rowing boats, you can see boats, sailing boats and "Lanchones" loaded with wood or fruits which activate the production of the Delta and end its tour at the docks and piers of the Mercado de Frutos. In this place there are numerous stalls, where visitors can buy plants, fruits and Craft items of wicker and straw, as well as cheese, cold meats and other groceries. In the city you can find interesting places to visit, as the Tigre Club, a historical building built in the years between 1900 and 1902. Eclectique has an architectural style with large porches and arcades. Here ran a casino that was next to the Tigre Hotel, both made up a select field for entertainment and fun of the Buenos Aires society of that time.


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