Buenos Aires Budget Travel Tips

Argentina, in contrast to most other Latin American countries, has a large upper- middle class and a highly developed economy with is the third largest in the region, after Brazil and Uruguay however; there are plenty of bargains to be had.  This countries vibrant capital contains colour and warmth that will create an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy a comfortable stay at a cheap BuenosAires hotel and find some more money saving suggestions from Hostelbookers.com for your travels below:

Visit the open air markets:
The open –air markets or mercados as they are otherwise known are a great place to visit for both entertainment as well as shopping.  The San Telmo Antiques Fair, is one such market selling silver, crystal,ceramics,  and is well known for its Tango performances that go on well into the evening after the vendors have closed their stalls.

Try a Free museum

The museo nacional de bellas artes, its name meaning ‘National Museum of Fine Arts’ this museum is home the biggest assortment of Argentine artwork and sculpture. In addition many European artworks also reside in this giant pink building including works by Van Gogh and Renoir.

Parks in the Palemo district

Actually a neighbourhood this enormous stretch of greenery along the waterside has the feeling of a grand park. Once an estate from the 18th century you can now enjoy this space which includes monuments, rose gardens & jogging trails.

Use your legs

Although Buenos Aires has many methods of getting around and you can do so quite cheaply there is no better way to save money and get intimately acquainted with a destination than using your legs. Take the time to pick up a ‘Golden map’ from a tourist kiosk or your hotel and explore the architecture and tree lined streets of this dynamic city

Special local knowledge

If in doubt ask someone who lives locally!
No guide book no matter how good it is will be able to help you more than a long term resident on insider knowledge. They will be able to offer you original tips and you get to make new international friends in the process!

Buenos Aires, glamorous and artistically trendsetting in Nature is a fun, funky place for the traveller looking for a unique destination. It’s nice to know that you can still enjoy much of what this city has to offer whilst keeping to a budget.

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