May 2, 2012

Exotic places of Argentina - Part 1

Argentina has many incredible places, but it is common for many small cities and towns seeking to draw attention to something that distinguishes them, and thus arise the national capitals of different products or features of the site.

I really love this kind of cities, small cities that are not known for the common traveller, but that have their charm and own culture. So here in this post I will name and show part of this exotic cities of Argentina.

National Capital of the Wheat - Leones

Located in the southeast part of the province of Cordoba, 465 km from Buenos Aires, Leones is the National capital of the Wheat. And has a population of 10596 people. Every year, the 9th of February, the town has the National Wheat Fest.

National Capital of the Yerba Mate - Apostoles

Apostoles is located in the province of Misiones, and it is known because it is the National Capital of the Yerba Mate. The Yerba Mate is the most known infusion that most of the Argentinians drink. It has a population of 42457 people.

National Capital of Oil - Comodoro Rivadavia

Comodoro Rivadavia is much bigger city than the other ones I mentioned, and its main activity if Oil. It is located in the province of Chubut, in the south of Argentina, and has a population of 173266 people.

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