Nov 1, 2010

The Welsh settlement in Argentina

If there is a cultural imprint that shows in most cities in Chubut, it is the Welsh. Moreover, almost any other province in the country have formed colonies as large as this. Before the Spanish and Italian, European settlers in the Welsh opened the field to "civilization" in this part of the map of Argentina, back in 1865, seeking new land for employment.

On July 28, 1865 landed in Golfo Nuevo, currently Puerto Madryn , 153 Welsh immigrants. The contingent was composed of men, women and children who came from different counties of Wales.
They arrived aboard the ship Mimosa, brought the necessary elements to make their home in the new land and some elements for agricultural work.
The climate and geography were unknown to most of the group. Soon it was essential to obtain fresh water. Thus they came to the mouth of the river they were seeking, the Chubut, then Chupat, were installed on the northern edge of it and founded a village which later became capital of the province and they called Rawson, in honor of Dr. Guillermo Rawson, the interior minister of President Bartolome Mitre, and who both had helped to settle in Patagonia.
The cities that were founded by the welsh are Trevelin, Gaiman, Trelew and Dolavon among other small towns.

Trevelin in Winter

Today the population of Patagonia is around 1,750,000 with many descended from the Welsh settlers and many people are able to speak Welsh. Welsh traditions are very strong in these places and are touristic attractions for the visitors.


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References: A: Gaiman, B: Trevelin, C: Trelew, D: Dolavon and E: Rawson

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  1. A Welsh Argentine is an Argentine of Welsh descent. Most Welsh Argentines trace their origins to the 19th-century Welsh settlement in Argentina, which began in 1865 and occurred mainly along the coast of Chubut Province in the far southern region of Patagonia.

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